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Everlast Dental - Monthly Happenings

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Valentine's Day with our Patients 





Bringing Christmas to Safe Haven





9th Annual Ornaments - 2013

1st place...




1st Annual pumpkin contest - 2013





2013 - Year end dinner with staff



Business Expo



Freedom Projects



Our movie stars..




Dr. Nguyen



Mrs. and Mr. Kalbach and Dr. Nguyen


Doctor Nguyen and Doctor Pham - Pursuing advancement in their clinical skills at Spear Education




Sheri birthday...


8th Annual Christmas Ornament Contest...

Dental Care with Kindergarteners at Victory Christian School  2012


 ServeDay @ Bayside Church 2013


Patients are checking in...


                                          Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Wu                                                                                                              Dr. Nguyen



                                                        In actions...                                                                                    Thomas, Tiffany and Callaly @ Bayside Church...


 Ankylos at University of Frankfurt, Germany

Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Lee @ Ankylos


Francoise Birthday picture with Dr. Nguyen and staff