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Affordable Dental Saving Plan

   Plan for Health

We believe oral health care needs to be a priority. Left untreated it can lead to serious health consequences-tooth loss, infection, damage to bone or nerve and even worse have negative effects your overall health.

Prevention is the key.  Dental disease is almost entirely preventable.  We need people to become empowered about their oral health, how simple measures like brushing and flossing their teeth and eating a balanced diet can protect against tooth decay, and understanding the importance of seeing the dentist for routine maintenance.

Plan for Health is not a traditional dental insurance but is one of the best alternative  and affordable. 

It is designed to make dental wellness easy and affordable.  By being a member of intelligent health we are able to reward you for taking responsibility for your oral health.  Preventative dentistry costs far less that restorative dentistry.

Why our plan?

  •  Low cost membership

  •  No waiting period

  •  Use your plan immediately, as many times as you need it, and with no limits on use.

  • Your membership can include family members.

Save up to 25% on our dental procedures!

  • Cleanings

  • Routine checkups

  • Crowns

  • Root canals and more!

Thank you and please call our office at 916-726-1819 if you have any questions.