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 Dear patients: 

 We're Closed!!!

So much has changed to our world in the last few weeks. Your health and safety is our top priority. Following CDC recommendations, we are closing down our office from March 16 until the end of April to help stop the spreading of the virus and protect our people.

If you have an appointment with us in April, we regret not being able to see you. Please do not worry about the appointment. Our team will contact you to schedule you back in when the quarantine is lifted and we're back into our office.
We will be doing teledentistry and screening our patients for emergencies.
Please contact us at (916) 726-1819 to get help. We will be missing you.
Please stay Corona-free! Until then...  
Your Dental Care During Quarantine
 Please continue your quarantine. During the next 2 weeks, we’re expecting a big surge in the cases of COVID-19. 
 Stay home to help flatten the curve to lessen the overwhelming stress on the doctors, nurses and healthcare providers in the hospital. 
 Here are some reminders for your oral hygiene. Please take good care of yourself and each other... ❤
 If you must be seen, we’re here for you! ☎  

May God bless and protect you and your family during this uncertain time


Dr. Nha-An Nguyen

Everlast Dental