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In-House Dental Plan

In-House Dental Plan is not traditional dental insurance but is one of the best alternatives and affordable.

It is designed to make dental wellness easy and affordable. By being a member of intelligent health, we can reward you for taking responsibility for your oral health. Preventative dentistry costs far less than restorative dentistry.

Why Our Plan?

  • Low-cost membership

  • No waiting period

  • Use your plan immediately, as many times as you need it, and with no limits on use.

Annual fees:

  • Adult $350 / year

  • Child $148 / year

Plan Coverages

  • Adult, Child (up to the age of 17)

  • The plan includes 12 months:

    • 3 Regular cleanings,

    • 1 FMX (x-ray),

    • Two dental exams,

    • 1 Emergency exam (includes 1 PA and 1 BW).

  • Other dental procedures are discounted at 15% (Not applicable for cosmetic procedures)

  • Auto annual renewal 5% off membership fee.


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